Angelic Reiki® Treatment


Angelic Reiki is an excellent method of healing, addressing all areas, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It can target the root causes of issues, including past lives, and therefore effectively remove the symptoms.

Angelic Reiki connects the recipient to the unconditional Love of their Higher/Soul self.
You may not know, but your Soul will know why it has brought Angelic Reiki to you.

It will change your DNA, your cells and molecules and activate your Light body creating transformation, peace and harmony in your life.


Booking and Payment:


£77 per hour.
If you wish to receive Angelic Reiki please contact Eloise via her contact page to arrange an appointment BEFORE PAYING.

Payment may be made by bank transfer or to pay using your debit or credit card, click on the PayPal button below.
Please contact her via her contact page for the bank details.


Angelic Reiki ® In person or a distance treatment

1 hour £77

(Includes £2 PayPal fee)