Sacred Geometry Healing®


Sacred Geometry Healing® is a powerful – yet gentle, simple, clear and an effective healing modality channeled by Zlatko Kanda. The Universe communicates via geometric shapes. All energy moves through these shapes, to maintain creation, based on a strong fundament.

The healing you receive is transformational and balancing on all the levels; Mental/Emotional, Physical and Energetically. The reason for this is that, by using the driving force of the Universe, the energy that you have been given from this healing is peacefully communicating to your body cells, atoms, organs, releasing energy blockages, past or current life issues and situations that may hold you back.
The use of these powerful healing energies may vary in your own unique learning way. That means if you have something to learn in your own life, the healing will support and guide you to your highest potential and pathway. If you have a blocking energy from a situation, person or you feel that you are sensitive and it is a challenge to protect yourself, then the powerful healing session will clear this for you. Energies that are unnecessary will definitely be transmuted.

Your chakra energy system, body cells, atoms, auric field will be harmonized and healed where ever necessary. You will feel the loving and nurturing energy from your higher self, the angels of the universe and of course the one that is giving you a Sacred Geometry Healing® session.

The energies come from a higher point of view. That means that everyone can use this – no matter how advanced you are, no matter how much your consciousness is expanded. Sometimes to heal certain aspects of yourself, the energy has to come from an intense, pure and higher knowledge.
You are intuitively being given a powerful healing mandala to look at for a few minutes and then will be guided to relax for your treatment.

Each mandala has its own special abilities but they all contain one thing; the powerful unconditional love from Source. You will feel empowered, uplifted, at peace and you will be able to see and act from a clear and loving space again.
This session can be done in person and from a distance, there is no difference in energy whatsoever.

The duration of one session is between 20-45 minutes plus a 15 minute feedback. Treat yourself with this unique, powerful, loving, peaceful and angelic healing session!


Booking and Payment:


£77 for 1 hour to include feedback and aftercare via email.
If you wish to receive Sacred Geometry Healing please contact Eloise
via her contact page to arrange an appointment BEFORE PAYING.

Payment may be made by bank transfer or to pay using your debit or credit card, click on the PayPal button below. Please contact her via her contact page for the bank details.


Sacred Geometry Healing® In Person or a Distance treatment

1 hour £77

(Includes £2 PayPal fee)