Seraphim Healing® Treatment 


The Seraphim

During your healings and Inner work you will be guided by your celestial team, the seraphim Metatron and Seraphina.
Seraphim are celestial fiery beings of unconditional love, they shower the universe with love, light, joy and harmony. Their diamond light which holds all the rays purifies, heals and harmonizes, balancing the mind, body and spirit. The seraphim sing the gods praises through the music of the spheres.

Seraphim are among the greatest healers. St Justinius says if you really want to get rid of your aliments, call upon the seraphim! They may release the sacred fire, purge and purify, renew your bloodstream, give you eternal youth as you live and walk the path of ascension.

Call upon the seraphim for the healing of love ones, the planet and all of her kingdoms. The Seraphim are here to help humanity achieve the ultimate success of reunion with god through Ascension.

The seraphim are mighty angels who work with the cosmic diamond white ascension flame they blaze it in through and around us transforming and transmuting all lower thoughts, feelings and energy into pure love and light.

They can absorb toxins from our bodies, mind and emotions and they leave behind purity. Their sacred fire burns the cause of disease from toxins that have passed through humanity for so many years in food, water, alcohol and the Environment.

The calling card of the seraphim is fiery tingeing in your aura with a hue of the Central sun, and for a while a glow, the essence of well-being, that inner warmth.
Seraphim Healing®

Seraphim Healing was channeled to Eloise via Seraphina her over lighting Angel in 2007 whilst she was on a spiritual retreat in Mount Shasta California.
Seraphim Healing is a form of Angel therapy that works with an individual’s soul, empowering and returning them to who they truly are a perfect divine being.

Seraphina, Metatron and the seraphim work with Eloise and the cosmic diamond white ascension flame. They blaze it in through and around the recipient transforming and transmuting lower thoughts, feelings and energy into pure love and light.  During a treatment the Eloise takes into consideration the many unique facets of an individual’s being and holistically creates the perfect healing experience. Eloise combines her knowledge of seraphim healing, Intuition, crystals, aromatherapy, colour and sound for a perfect relaxing, and empowering treatment. The consultation also includes aftercare follow up tips for health and well being.


Booking and Payment:


£77 for a 1 hour treatment and self help tools sent via email.
If you wish to receive Seraphim Healing please contact Eloise
via her contact page to arrange an appointment BEFORE PAYING.

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Seraphim Healing® In person or a Distance treatment

1 hour £77

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