Space clearing with Archangel Metatron


Creating a Sacred safe space.
Our home and workplace should be an oasis of peace, or at least a place where we feel ‘at home’ with ourselves centered, complete, healthy, creative and joyful.
Sometimes when we enter a building we can feel happy and relaxed or we may be uncomfortable. It is not only the energy of those who are present that we have to consider, but of those who have passed through that particular space before. Walls hold the energy of people who occupied that room in former times. The love and joy – or fear, anger and pain become imprinted in the very fabric of the building. I believe this is due to the crystals in the bricks and stones in the walls.

Healers, clairvoyant and clairsentient people or animals have the ability to see, sense or feel these vibrations which can be described as ‘thick’, ‘heavy’ and ‘dim’ energy, some people may even experience emotions or pain.
Even invited visitors to our home such as friends and love ones can often leave there vibrational imprint behind. If they are feeling sad, depressed, or have worries or perhaps they are the kind of people who radiate negativity or soak up positivity, that can be a real burden on the energy of the premises (as well as on us!). They leave feeling replenished, but you and the house feel depleted
The energies in a home can also account for physical sensations: feeling tired  getting headaches, or feeling pressure on the head, being over emotional, angry, irritable, depressed and having a lack of motivation. If you suddenly act out of character this can be a sign that you and your home need clearing. Obviously arguments in a home may account for an atmosphere, also electromagnetic fields generated by electrical appliances and Wi Fi can cause this.

Some times astral entities will intrude on our fields, they can be lost or earth bound or attached to our home or property. These beings are nothing to fear they are sparks of God just as we are. Most of the time they want to go back home to the light, whether conscious or unconscious, we may make agreements with them at times of fear or sadness. These entities can then attach to us.
Entities often feed on addictions of various types. Some really enjoy anger and violence and will spur on arguments in a home and feed of karmic situations adding to the intensity of the karma. Sometimes, relationships between people are actually relationships between the entities attached to them! It is always a benefit to release these beings into the light so that they can move onto their next stage of development and you can be free of their influence.

This workshop will teach you how to keep your home and yourself clear.


~ How to do an Angelic Space clearing and home blessing
~ How to use sacred geometry to protect and cleanse your home
~ Karma and entity release
~ Make your own angelic space clearing spray and cleansing bath salts
~ Meditation and creative exercises

Venue: Glastonbury- venue to be confirmed on booking

Investment: £88.00 to include manual, angel spray, protective crystal, bath salts and refreshments.


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